Restore frame-mirror with cimasa

This frame had reported big damages at the structure after a fall. To restore it, it has been necessary do, as first step, block the gold on the frame; since the frame was crooked, to make all four sides of the frame return perfectly straight, it has been put again as it was before through the creation of some cuts on the back, filled up with some “sverze”.

After that, in every hole has been applied the groutings, it has been sanded down, applied some earth on the parts that then have been golded, it has been incised (“bulinatura”), and to bring back the surface at the primary state it has been applied the patination on the gold.
At the end, to prevent the coming up of woodwarm and grant an estate of at least five years, it has been done the mothproof treatment.



Gabriele MaselliRestore frame-mirror with cimasa
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